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Online Auctions

Kapow Online Auctions

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Machine Auctions Online - Save time and money!

Our machines are auctioned online, so you don't have to feel compelled to be in a specific place at a specific time. You can sit at home whenever it suits you and browse our machinery auctions. You thus have a much better opportunity to look into the various machines incl. all the specifications and details to find out if they are for you - all without the pressure of a physical auction.
Of course, the price will be different than if you buy new ones. However, the machines are still ready to use, in good condition and in high quality. On our website, you can find machines for agriculture, gardening and several other industries. We, therefore, suggest that you take a look and find the perfect machines on offer.

Online machinery auctions for all industries

Here at Kapow, we offer online auctions with machines for agriculture, construction, forestry, gardening, transportation and many more. We cooperate with professional machine dealers, leasing companies and public institutions. Before the machines are put up for sale, we test them thoroughly so they are ready to change hands.
See all our active machine auctions on this page and get an overview of when they end. If you click on a specific auction, you can access all information about the given machine. You can also see pictures, bid history and the current highest bid. You can even see the contact information of the consultant responsible for the auction. If you want to submit a bid for a machine, it is easy to log in or create a user.

Kapow is a neutral trading platform, and we work as transparently as possible with prices and costs. You can therefore get information about all costs and fees inside the auction itself. In this way, it is ensured that both buyer and seller are satisfied when a virtual handshake is given.

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