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Get affordable equipment through clearance auctions on used machinery

Are you planning to replace tractors, vans or other equipment for your farm or business? So there can be a lot of money saved if you choose to participate in clearance auctions on used machinery here at Kapow. We always hold an inspection day before the auction ends, so you have the opportunity to inspect the equipment you have in your sights before placing your bid. If you are prevented from participating, or if the geographical distance is too great, you will find here on the page a large number of pictures and detailed information about the individual products. Of course, you also have the option of contacting our staff for specific information about the individual auctions if you have any questions.
Through our clearance auctions on used machinery, you have the opportunity to secure equipment of almost any kind. This could be, for example, a vehicle (tractor, van or combine harvester), a machine (mini excavator, welder or plate vibrator), spare parts, office equipment or resources such as seed and wood pellets. We regularly hold new auctions on second hand machinery, so there can be many good deals ahead.

An easy and practical way to invest in machinery and equipment

At Kapow, we make it easy and simple to participate in auctions of used machinery. All auctions from the same end auction end at the same time, so you can immediately get a complete overview of which new machines you have acquired. At the same time, you can collect all your new machines from the same location, and there will be loading assistance at the location, so that the collection itself proceeds easily and efficiently.

If you want to participate in many auctions, it may well require a lot of work to keep track of all the many counterbids. For that purpose, you can use our autobid, which automatically outbids the competitors with the minimum increase and of course stops at the maximum autobid that you have set yourself. In this way, the good savings of an end auction on used machinery are not lost in the extra work involved in having to manage each and every bid manually.


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