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Online Auctions

Terms and conditions - Buyer

1. Application and definitions

The present auction terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") apply to any sale and purchase through the online auction site www.kapow.eu, (hereinafter referred to as the "Auction Site”), and may only be deviated from on having obtained the written consent of Kapow Auktioner A/S, which owns and manages www.kapow.eu.

As the Seller, you are the one placing an item for sale via the Auction Site and, as the Bidder, you are the one placing a bid for/buying an Auction Item via the Auction Site. The Auction Item(s) is the machine/item offered for sale via the Auction Site.

2. Registration, security and personal data

In order to participate in auctions on the Auction Site, you must create an account. You must be of legal majority and, when you register, you will be asked to enter your CVR Co Reg. No/VAT No, company name, address, telephone number and email address. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that the information you enter is correct. The Auction Site verifies your information before activating your account and sends you an email asking you to confirm your email address. If your information is incorrect, we will not be able to create your account.

The purpose of every user thus creating an account is that Kapow wants to provide users with as much security as possible for payment and collection of the Auction Item. Moreover, we need to be able to communicate with our users if a transaction requires this.

Creating an account is free and you are not bound by any membership. Once your account is created and you are registered as a user, you can use the auction options on the Auction Site. If you no longer wish to have an account on the Auction Site, you can always have it erased, just like you can always contact Kapow Auktioner A/S to gain insight into what personal data we have registered on you. However, data required to comply with other legislation will not be erased. If you wish to have your account erased or to gain insight into what personal data we have registered on you, please contact support@kapow.eu. In principle, your data will only be erased if you no longer wish to have an account on the Auction Site. As we only process general personal data, erasing your data after a specified period, based on a factual assessment, is not necessary. The data controller is the individual holding the post of CEO of Kapow A/S from time to time, and only the employees, for whom there is legal authority, have access to your data. Kapow Auktioner neither disclose nor sell your information to third parties.

3. Right of complaint and liability

As a Buyer, you have 14 days to pick up the purchased items, unless it is indicated otherwise on the delivery confirmation. The right to complain is waived after 14 days or period specified on the delivery confirmation; or after signing the delivery confirmation. If the delivery confirmation is signed by a truck driver or other collector, it is deemed to also be an acceptance of the trade and the right to complain is then waived. The sale is made as a commercial purchase, described in Section 48 of the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

With reference to Section 48 of the Purchase Act, buyer cannot claim that the Auction Item suffers from a defect unless the seller has acted fraudulently or the item does not correspond to the designation under which it was sold. All Auction Items are sold as-is and as possibly inspected by you and without any liability to the auctioneer, leasing company, trustee, probate court or Kapow Auktioner A/S.

If the auction object is not as stated in the auction, it is important NOT to sign the delivery confirmation and leave the auction object with the seller. Then contact Kapow Auktioner A/S for further support.
Any liability in case of fraud or if the object does not correspond to the designation under which it was sold can only be directed at the seller and is, thus, no concern of Kapow Auktioner A/S.
Complaint rights and liability may vary from clearance, liquidation or other collective auctions. Separate terms and conditions will appear on each auction in case terms other than the above apply.

4. Bidding, payment and breach

Any bid placed will be binding once the bid has been confirmed and registered on the Auction Site. When placing a bid, the Bidder must also enter the maximum amount that the Bidder wishes to place on the Auction Item. Your bid will automatically be raised to the minimum amount allowed once other Bidder bids exceed your current bid until such time that your maximum amount is reached. If there are several Bidders with the same maximum bid amount at the end of the auction, the first bid placed will be valid. Only the Auction Site can see the maximum amount entered by the Bidder.

All auctions are subject to a reserve price. If the highest bid is the same as or higher than the reserve price, the Auction Item is sold. If the bid is lower than the reserve price, the Seller will have 24 hours to notify the Auction Site of whether the Seller will accept the bid placed by the Bidder. The Auction Site is obliged to notify the Bidder within 24 hours of whether the Seller has accepted the bid.

In the case of identical bids being placed, the first bid will be valid. Bids placed less than 5 minutes before an auction closes will automatically extend the auction by 5 minutes from the time the last bid was placed.

Immediate payment is required, unless agreed otherwise. Within 24 hours of the auction closing, the successful Bidder will receive an invoice stating the payment details. Once payment has been registered, a delivery confirmation will be sent to the successful Bidder including relevant contact information for use when picking up the Auction Item. The specific time for collecting the Auction Item will be agreed upon directly between the Seller and the successful Bidder and will, thus, be no concern of Kapow Auktioner A/S.

If the successful Bidder fails to make payment in a timely manner, or if the successful Bidder does not otherwise respond to the written request of Kapow Auktioner A/S within 24 hours of the expiry of the deadline for the collection of the Auction Item, this will be deemed to be a material breach and the auction agreement will be deemed to have lapsed.

In the event of a material breach, Kapow Auktioner A/Swill be entitled to cancel the auction agreement with the defaulting Bidder and offer the Auction Item to the Bidder placing the second-highest bid or to a third party.

The defaulting Bidder will be obliged to reimburseKapow Auktioner A/S for the difference in both bid sum and fees compared to the price obtained by the second-highest bid for the item or a third party, plus a 10 % surcharge.

If the Bidder places the second-highest bid or a third party refuses to purchase the Auction Item and the Auction Item must be reauctioned, the defaulting Bidder will be obliged to cover all reasonable costs associated with this.

If Kapow Auktioner A/S or the Seller succeeds in selling the Auction Item won by the defaulting Bidder to a third party at a price that exceeds the defaulting Bidder's bid, the defaulting Bidder will not be entitled to deduct the excess sum from the costs associated with the sale, just as the defaulting Bidder will not be able to claim the profits.

Kapow Auktioner A/S is entitled to exclude defaulting Bidders from the Auction Site. All data will be erased, just as Kapow Auktioner A/S reserves the right to deny the excluded Bidder access to the Auction Site from the IP-address used.

5. Financing and costs

The Seller is solely responsible for ensuring that the Auction Item is unencumbered. Any liability in this respect is no concern of Kapow Auktioner A/S.

If the successful Bidder requires financing for his purchase, this financing must be finalised by the time of the auction closing.

By agreement with the successful Bidder that the successful Bidder fulfills or takes over any liabilities as part of the purchase, the Seller is obliged to ensure that the Seller can be released from any obligation towards third parties and that the third party's rights in relation to the Auction Object cease at the latest at the time of the conclusion of the auction agreement

Auction fee is 5%, however min. DKK 100 and a maximum of DKK 5,000 of the total auction bid, as well as a handling fee of DKK 250 per auction number, and must be paid by the successful Bidder. The costs are included in the final auction price.

6. Value-Added Tax (“VAT”)

All bids and handling costs are stated exclusive of VAT. VAT is added to both the Auction Item and to handling costs.

Guidelines for a refund of Danish Tax for sale inside of the EU

For successful Bidders residing within the EU, the Auction Item and the fees are subject to Danish VAT. All invoices will thus be subject to VAT, unless the successful Bidder submits proper documentation that the goods will be exported from Denmark, in which case Kapow Auktioner A/S will refund the VAT and issue a credit note and a new VAT-exempt invoice.

In order to receive a refund of the paid taxes, Kapow Auktioner A/S request that the necessary documentation is provided:

Solution 1: 

-Signed CMR document (by Kapow Auktioner A/S, carrier and the successful Bidder)

-Invoice from the carrier of the goods

-Export declaration (attached to the invoice).


Solution 2:       

-Signed CMR document (by Kapow Auktioner A/S, carrier and the successful Bidder)

-Receipt from the destination warehouse, signed by the buyer/ warehouse owner, confirming the goods have arrived in the destination country 

-Export declaration (attached to the invoice).

All documentation must be sent to tax@kapow.eu no later than 21 days after successful Bidder receives the invoice.

All documentation must be collected and sent in one e-mail with an auction number in the subject line.

If required documentation is incomplete or not received within the deadline, Kapow Auktioner A/S won't be able to refund the Danish Tax. Therefore, the Successful Bidder will be responsible for applying for a refund of Danish VAT with the national Tax Authorities. 

Successful Bidders residing outside the EU can be exempted from Danish VAT when documenting that the Auction Item has been shipped outside of the EU. The successful Bidder may elect not to make use of the option of VAT exemption and, instead, choose to pay Danish VAT. The successful Bidder is responsible for ensuring that its VAT number is valid before placing any bids. Kapow Auktioner A/S will check whether the VAT number is valid on this website: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=da.

Guidelines for a refund of Danish Tax for sale outside of the EU

In order to receive a refund of your paid taxes, we request that the necessary documentation is provided:

- Signed CMR document (by Kapow, carrier, and the buyer)
- Shipping documents where the port of departure in Denmark is stated

We will keep a fee of 250 DKK from the paid VAT for handling the paperwork for sale outside the EU.
All documentation must be sent to tax@kapow.eu no later than 21 days after receiving the invoice. All documentation must be collected and sent in one e-mail with an auction number in the subject line.
If required documentation is incomplete or not received within the deadline, Kapow Auktioner A/S won't be able to refund the Danish Tax. Therefore, the buyer will be responsible for applying for a refund of Danish VAT with the buyer's national Tax Authorities.

7. Theft or sabotage

If Kapow A/S ascertains that theft or attempted theft, sabotage or attempted sabotage has taken place, this will result in a report being filed with the police and exclusion from any future bidding on Kapow Auktioner A/S.

8. Transfer of risk

The successful Bidder bears the risk for the Auction Item from the auction closing. If the Auction Item needs to be dismantled, disassembled or secured, this will occur at the risk and expense of the successful Bidder.

All loading occurs at the risk of the successful Bidder. Kapow Auktioner A/S will not be liable for damage to purchased goods or other items. We are happy to help, but only at the risk of the successful Bidder.

9. Changes to terms and the catalogue and exclusion of liability relating to errors and omissions

Kapow Auktioner A/S reserves the right to make changes to the catalogue, including the omission of goods from auctions. Kapow Auktioner A/S excludes liability for misspellings, typing errors, errors relating to pictures, incorrect specification of numbers, dimensions, weight, capacity and VAT status.

Kapow Auktioner A/S excludes liability for any system errors or other technical issues that may affect the auction system and the bidding.

If technical problems arise at the conclusion of an auction, Kapow Auktioner A/S reserves the right to restart the entire auction and leave it to close at a later date, typically at the same time on the following day, or when any technical problems have been solved. All active bidders will be notified by email as soon as possible.

10. Contact information

Kapow Auktioner A/S

Mads Eg Damgaards Vej 69

7400 Herning

CVR/Co Reg. No 43055046

Telephone: +45 70707480

11. Law and venue

Any disputes relating to these Auction Terms are subject to Danish law and must be brought before the Horsens County Court.

Last updated [04.11.2021]


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Kapow Auktioner A/S

Lars Jensen

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