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Online Auctions

Why buy through Kapow?

KAPOW gives you the most modern and easily managed auction platform in the market.


Benefits of using our platform:

  • KAPOW’s professional consultants inspect and photograph the equipment.
  • Multilingual support department with easy access to information.
  • Quick and easy creation and validation of customer accounts.
  • Safe and secure handling of your money.
  • Quick and efficient payment management.
  • Adapted bid management dependable on the size and type of the machine.
  • Help with arranging the transport.
  • Intuitive auction platform is easy to use on all types of devices.

Practical information:

  • The bidder must confirm their bid 24 hours after the auction has ended, regardless of whether the bid reached the reservation price.
  • A handling fee of 5 % - however min. DKK 100, max. DKK 5,000.
  • Invoicing fee of DKK 250 per auction number.
  • Our platform offers an option of automated bidding with additional email notification of any new counter bids.
  • If you win an auction, you receive an email and an invoice once the auction has ended.
  • We send you a delivery confirmation when payment is registered. This documentation should be submitted when picking up the item.
  • Items MUST be picked up within 21 days after the auction ends.
  • VAT refund guidelines (read more in our Terms of trade):

    In order to receive a refund of the paid taxes, Kapow Auktioner A/S request that the necessary documentation is provided:

    Solution 1: 

    -Signed CMR document (by Kapow Auktioner A/S, carrier and the successful Bidder)

    -Invoice from the carrier of the goods

    -Export declaration (attached to the invoice).


    Solution 2:       

    -Signed CMR document (by Kapow Auktioner A/S, carrier and the successful Bidder)

    -Receipt from the destination warehouse, signed by the buyer/ warehouse owner, confirming the goods have arrived in the destination country 

    -Export declaration (attached to the invoice).

    All documentation must be sent to tax@kapow.eu no later than 21 days after the successful Bidder receives the invoice.

    All documentation must be collected and sent in one e-mail with an auction number in the subject line.

    If required documentation is incomplete or not received within the deadline, Kapow Auktioner A/S won't be able to refund the Danish Tax. Therefore, the Successful Bidder will be responsible for applying for a refund of Danish VAT with the national Tax Authorities. 

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