• +30 years of experience
  • +8.000 sales in +50 countries
  • All machines are tested thoroughly
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Efficient trade
  • Secure payment solution
Online Auctions

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We are your independent facilitator of the sale of used machines

    • KAPOW offers a free and non-binding assessment of your equipment.
    • You and our consultant jointly agree on the price.
    • We set up a seller’s account for you and create the auctions with your machines, including photos, videos and detailed descriptions.
    • Our fee is 10 % of the sale price – however, max. DKK 25,000.
    • We promote your machines through online marketing on all relevant platforms depending on the value of your equipment.
    • On all auctions, KAPOW has ten days to obtain higher bids from bidders, if the reservation price was not reached at the end of the auction.
    • The auction lasts 10-14 days or as agreed.
    • You will receive email notifications of each bid placed on your equipment.
    • You will receive an email once the auction ends.
    • You will receive an email once payment for the item has been received. This will be accompanied by a delivery confirmation which will also be received by the buyer.
    • Midtfactoring.dk handles the transaction and manages the payment process.
    • As a seller, you can follow all your auctions on your account at www.kapow.eu.
    • You receive your money, no later than 21 days after payment registration.
    • The seller is obliged to store the item for a minimum of 21 days. Any extended storage time must be agreed upon by the seller and successful bidder.
    • If the successful bidder has not contacted you within 21 days, please contact KAPOW for pick-up or other support at support@kapow.eu.


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