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Danmark, Hørve

Exhaust pipe

Starts: 28/02-2023 11:53
Ends: 19/03-2023 19:01

All amounts in DKK.

Moms: Excl. VAT. VAT at 25% applied

Costs: Auction fees apply

This auction has ended
Do you have specific questions about this auction? Then contact:

Torben Nielsen

Konsulent ansvarlig Østdanmark


+45 28596010

Product information

Exhaust pipe

Auction number 11046
Condition Object is at usable condition, minor errors and deficiencies may occur
Model Udstødningsrør
Chassisnumber / Serialnumber 11046
CE-branded Unknown

Other properties
Loading There is loading aid with a truck on the location

Transportdimension (L / W / H) Cm. 120/80/40

Udstødningsrør, Arvin.
Fremtræder ubrugte.

Exhaust pipes, Arvin.
Appears unused.

Exhaust pipes, Arvin.
Appears unused.

Exhaust pipes, Arvin.
Appears unused.

This auction is a part of the ‘Clearance of Hørve Maskinhandel A/S’.
All auctions from Hørve Maskinhandel A/S end on Sunday 19/03 from 19:00 o’clock.
All items MUST be picked up from Monday 27/03 to Tuesday 28/03 between 8:00 – 16:00 at Industrivej 17, 4534 Hørve.
All items will be in the same condition as presented in the pictures, and it is the buyer's responsibility for packing the purchased goods at the pick-up. Pallets are not included.
There will be a loading aid at the location.
The right to complain is waived after the last collection day or after signing the delivery confirmation.

For all auctions from Hørve Maskinhandel A/S, there is an Inspection Day on Thursday 16/03 between 14.00 – 18.00 at Industrivej 17, 4534 Hørve, where all the equipment can be inspected.

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