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Grassland machinery

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 At Kapow auctions, we continuously offer a wide and varied range of used machines and agricultural accessories for grassland. There may be money to save on used machines, so here is the opportunity to get a good used machine at reasonable prices. Grasses range widely in the range. You can find:

There is a large selection of Brak mowers and equipment for various agricultural tasks.
There are many different models and types of mowers available both front mounted, rear mounted, some models also available with side draft. Of types can be mentioned among others Arm mowers, fence mowers, mowers, disc harvesters etc. There is lot of ​​models adapted to the different needs in the treatment of grassland.
There are several different manufacturers of mowers, among others one can find brands such as Kuhn, Kverneland, Ortolan and many more.

There are also different types of harrows that can be used when working with grassland.
Among other things, there are various grass shrubs and pasture harrows.
There are different types and models of green harvesters, among others there are green harvesters from the brand Taarup, Claas, Parkland etc.

There are several different types of wrappers, including Bale wrappers, wrapping and packing machines. Packers are available for both mini big, round bales and small bales.
Tedder and reversers
There are several different makes and models within reversers and tedders, including the current range of reversers, tedders and accessories on offer at Kapow auctions.

There are many different types of presses from brands such as: New Holland, Claas, Case etc.
There are several different types and presses are available for big bales, round bales and small bales.

Here on this page you can see what we offer at Kapow auctions of good used lawnmowers, accessories and spare parts.

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