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Linde H70D forklift

Danmark, 8752 Østbirk

Linde H70D forklift

76.000 DKK

Sme-Kon crane arm 3000

Danmark, 8752 Østbirk

Sme-Kon crane arm 3000

5.000 DKK

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Auctions of machines for various industrial tasks

If you are looking for machines for industry, you have come to the right place! At Kapow, we have a fine selection of various industrial machines auctions. You may, therefore, be lucky to find a machine that you need at a low price. In addition to having industrial machines up for auction, we also have the necessary accessories for the large machines. Take a look above and bid on the industrial machine right for you.

Bending machines, drills and much more at online auctions

Are you looking for an industrial machine or equipment for your business? Then you may be lucky enough to find it much cheaper on this site. Here you will always find our current, updated offers for sale at online auctions.
Check out our large selection of industrial machines on auctions. 
This applies to machines such as forklifts, various cranes, floor machines, etc. From time to time, we have a well-assorted selection of industrial machines, such as various bending machines, scissors, drills, compressors, welders among many more. However, it is not only machines you will find here. We also have a wide selection of various tools and everything related to the industry. You can also find auctions within warehousing and installation such as tent halls, containers and scaffolding, shelving, office modules and crew wagons, etc.
We have an around-the-clock, wide selection of different industrial machines on auction. However, remember that our offer may vary, as these are online auctions for used industrial machinery and equipment.



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