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About Kapow

About Kapow Auktioner A/S

Kapow Auktioner A/S was founded in 2022 by the present ownership team, Jannik Faurschou, Lars Jensen and Peter Jensen. Kapow Auktioner A/S daily operations are handled by Lars Jensen.

Kapow Auktioner A/S took over Kapow.eu, which was founded in 2020 by Søren Næsborg and Torben Speedtsberg with the desire to increase exposure for Danish machinery sellers in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Kapow.eu is an ever-growing online auction platform and it is Kapow Auktioner A/S mission to continue the development of Kapow.eu marketplace.
Kapow.eu has its own nationwide, professional consultants specialised in agricultural, construction, forestry and garden machinery, as well as forklifts, trucks and other equipment. To ensure our buyers and sellers the best deal, we inspect and evaluate all machines and equipment ourselves before the auction. Our consultants have more than 35 years of experience.
We want to offer both our buyers and sellers a solid and safe online auction platform. Therefore, the whole administrative process is handled by Kapow Auktioner A/S. This way we ensure uniformity and correct handling of all trades.
We handle only B2B trade. Our buyers and sellers are, among others, professional machinery dealers, leasing companies and public institutions, and the requirement to start trading with us is a valid VAT number.
OUR MISSION is to become the largest online auction platform for machinery in the Nordics.


Our online auctions

Our machines and equipment are auctioned online. This gives the buyers, the opportunity to take a closer look at our many online auctions without feeling compelled to be in a specific place at a particular time
Our customers get the opportunity to view images, descriptions, specifications and details without time pressure. in case of questions about a specific item, we present the opportunity to contact a relevant consultant who is responsible for the auction.


Participate in online machinery auctions for all industries

Here at Kapow Auktioner A/S, we offer online machinery auctions with machines for agriculture, construction, forestry, and gardening, as well as forklifts, trucks and many more.
Before the machines are put up for sale at our online machinery auction, we inspect and evaluate them to ensure the buyer and seller get the best deal.
See all our active machinery auctions on this page, and get a quick and easy overview of when they expire. If you click on a specific auction, you can access all information about the given machine.



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