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KAPOW.EU is a growing online marketplace, specialized in selling used heavy machines and equipment from Denmark to the commercial buyers across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Our partners are professional machine dealers, leasing companies and public institutions.

On our auctions, we offer various agricultural and construction machines, forklifts, trucks, forestry and gardening machines, and other equipment.

Our services help the professional machine dealers to reduce the period of storing the used machinery, and at the same time evaluate the market prices on the items. KAPOW.EU is a neutral ground for both dealers and buyers, which can provide access to the sales prices of all sold items. In consequence, we ensure the best deals for both sides.

We are accountable and openly collaborate with our partners by providing complete visibility into financial figures and market plans. We do not tolerate hidden agendas and private politics within the company.

KAPOW.EU is not just an auction platform but a new way of establishing the online sales of heavy machines across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.



Is to connect sellers from Denmark with each other and buyers from across the Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe, while guarantee successful trade of used heavy machinery and equipment by providing maximum safety and security.


GOAL 2022

Increase the exposure of the Danish sellers across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.




Our crew consist of dedicated people with many years of experience in logistics, advertising and sales of machinery and equipment.



Our story began in 2013 when a group of four coworkers and top specialists in selling used machines met for the first time. In 2016 they united and attained a long- term goal by creating Logpartner.

Using the Norwegian platform Retrade as the auction platform, Logpartner primary focused on quality and the independent assistance of selling machines and equipment. However, the team behind Logpartner aimed higher, setting its eyes on improving customer experience and increasing exposure of the Danish sellers across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Therefore, in February 2020, Logpartner decided to establish its very own marketplace- KAPOW- the hub for selling and buying used machinery.

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