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Frontpage Auctions Vans Carry All 510 Electric pickup truck
Danmark, København

Carry All 510 Electric pickup truck

Starts: 09/07-2024 15:16
Ends: 04/08-2024 19:32

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Highest bid

5.000 DKK

Reservation price:

10.000 DKK

Raising bid:

200 DKK

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Product information

Carry All 510 Electric pickup truck

Auction number 25419
Condition Object can have greater errors and deficiencies, repair is recommended before use
Model 510
Chassisnumber / Serialnumber 5J5C532B8FA569971
Registration number CV31010
First registration date 20-02-2017
CE-branded Unknown

Other properties
Front axles 205/65-10 40%
Back axles 205/65-10 40%
Wheeldrive 2 WD
Loading There is loading aid on the location

Transportdimension (L / W / H) Cm. 300/130/200

Produced by Club Car
The left door is defective - the window molding is in the frame
Battery has been tried to charge - but without success
Stand see pictures

This auction is part of the 'August Auction'. All auctions end on Sunday 04/08 from 19:00 o'clock.
We will continuously add machines, until 02/08. 

Collection MUST take place within 14 days after the auction has ended.

This item is located on sellers’ location. See the location on the top of the page.

Bid history

Customer Bid date Place bid
1118 14-07-2024 10:57 5.000 DKK
Start price 5000
*= Autobid

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